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and the BEST staff in the known universe!

We’re a live-entertainment-supporting, trend-setting, downtown-revitalizing, creative-community-building, diversity-embracing family of businesses.

“We are not interested in opening a bar that is just a bar. Each place has to be a unique epiphany for its visitors. When we started with Earth to Old City, Preservation Pub, The ThInQ Tank and World Grotto in downtown Knoxville back before the turn of the millennium, our goal was to create one of the coolest collections of venues on the planet while preserving historic buildings and giving back to our unique downtown culture in Scruffy City, Tennessee…

And that still is our goal.

Three decades and a long bumpy ride later, it’s a New Roaring Twenties in Knoxville’s 21st-century renaissance and we are still creating rooftop amazements like the Magic Beer Tree in the Moonshine Roof Garden and wonderful venues (like the New Age magic that is Bernadette’s Crystal Gardens, just completed– three years of artistry and construction to build four stories and 94 million carats of amethyst walls, electric trees, quartz bar-tops, flowering gardens, tabletop moonstones and fossil art pieces) in order to continue construction of our vision of making Knoxville one of the best cities in the world for nightlife. If we have any say about it, Scruffy City will have a more awesome nightlife scene right here on Market Square than anywhere in the world…”

– Scott West

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Owned by local rascals Bernadette and Scott West, who have played a big role in revitalizing both historic buildings and Market Square in downtown Scruffy City since 1990 (hence the name  “Preservation” Pub), this local icon is open till 3 AM 365 days per year with live music nightly.

“Scruffy City Hall is adjacent to (and owned by the same family) Preservation Pub and similar in style but with a gothic twist – gothic as in architecture, not the fashion genre. The whole building is really an interesting piece of art of three levels: the Main Hall is a great venue for intimate shows, the Loggia Balcony Bar with beautiful arches is one of the best people-watching spots overlooking Historic Market Square, Knoxville, and you’ll find the “Scruffy Cinepub Under the Stars” on the “Scroof.” Come for a visit and see why this is ‘Knoxville’s Cathedral of Entertainment and Libations.’”  — Visit Knoxville

Visit Bernadette’s and experience a magical place, constructed using 45,000 lbs. of crystals, where 94 million karats and endless art constantly surround you with positive energy. You’ll feel the transformative vibes everywhere you go throughout our four crystal-themed floors. From the oh-so-grounded ground level Amethyst Lounge (where a veritable museum of awesome amethyst soothes and relieves stress) to the second-floor Quartz Room (where otherworldly crystal vibrations may help you achieve more balance in your life), to the third level Rooftop Gemstone Gardens (where quartz cascades and electric trees light the twilight) to the fourth and final floor Citrine Mezzanine (which can restore energy and spark joy with views of the crystal gardens and Knoxville’s iconic Sunsphere). We have a vegetarian-based menu and custom Bernadette-concocted cocktails to rejuvenate and inspire. Escape your world of worries and visit a magical, peaceful place without ever leaving town.

With Downtown’s LARGEST patio stretching from Market Square to Artist Alley, two full bars, a wide beer selection, and culinary masterpieces such as loaded Pub fries, our signature Scruffy Dogs & Tommy Burgers, as well as our seasoned Wings with your choice of sauces, our Old Time Sports Saloon is where the action is.

Locally owned and operated for over twenty years in Downtown Knoxville. Specializing in unique gifts and carrying many local vendors as well as vendors from around the United States and the world.


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