About Luna Nightclub at Asylum 801


LunaVerse Knoxville’s first grand experiment is this glorious 10,000 sq ft nightclub, named Luna Nightclub at Asylum 801

Luna Nightclub at Asylum 801 is located at 940 Blackstock Avenue in the Historic International Building

Luna opens at 7pm Friday – Saturday

Live entertainment begins each evening at 8 p.m., with DJ dance nights taking over around 11 p.m

$10 entry most nights:
half price entry with a valid student ID (21+)
Also on Thursdays, enjoy $3 domestic 16-oz cans

Fridays: DJ Sterl the Pearl

TGIF features quarterback-turned-DJ Sterl The Pearl, who brings the party to his people every week, as the University of Tennessee’s official  DJ, for both basketball and Neyland stadium football games

$10 entry most nights

Saturdays: DJ Andres Tapia

Saturdays showcase the international flavors of DJ Andres Tapia, who spins international dance music, sharing his good vibes with all

$10 entry most nights

Located in the old Electric Ballroom/ Valarium/ International space by World’s Fair Park at 940 Blackstock

I-40, take 17th Street exit, turn toward UT, take a left on Blackstock, drive just past the Emerald Youth soccer fields,
Luna Nightclub at Asylum 801 is on your right

What have these rogue scientists (Dr. Pan from Oak Ridge and Dr. Dora from the University) done by absconding with, then opening the Alien Artifact, by using stolen radiation, no less?

Now, doctors Pan and Dora and their rogue crew of international experts have opened a ragged rift in the fabric of space and time they call LunaVerse Knoxville beneath the old abandoned warehouse known as Luna Nightclub at Asylum 801 in the old Asylum District.

If you could ask them, the doctors would tell you simply, they could not resist. Of course, they can’t answer you these days, as they’ve unintentionally made themselves un-human in their uncontrolled experiments to open the Alien Artifact’s secrets.

Found fifty years ago by astronauts pulled off course (like metal filings to a magnet) by an unknown force, the spacemen landed in the lunar darkness of an unnamed crater on the Moon and found the cube-like structure, covered in strange runes.

Now, Pan and Dora’s radioactive experiments have opened their precious Alien Artifact in the limestone caves beneath the Historic Asylum District, where they have made dreams reality and reality dreams. Past and present are intertwined in the here and now. Jurassic and Holocene have merged.

In LunaVerse Knoxville, extraterrestrial and earthling are one. Man is now animal, animal is man. All legends in the rivers and forests of Tennessee folklore walk and swim in the magic-filled, radioactive warehouses at Asylum, the Bermuda Triangle of the Appalachians. Mole people, hellphibians, UFOs and ape men, all are inexorably drawn to this place.

Though a Moonsphere is planned to cover and stop the spread of this world-destroying and world-creating magic, the rift can never be closed. This glorious and terrifying epicenter of Scruffy City known as LunaVerse Knoxville in the Asylum District will remain open and radiating fantastic realms and lifeforms forevermore. The inter-dimensional door once opened cannot be closed.

Thus it shall remain, from this doomed and hopeful place, everywhere and nowhere, awake and dreaming, future and past, otherworldly and in our own backyards, LunaVerse Knoxville is here, a pulsing, universal magnet, calling you to visit, calling you to join it, calling you to change, change, as did all the good doctors.
We know you cannot resist..



Have an extraterrestrially good time at our new out-of-this-world nightclub

Come live the extraterrestrial good life on our VIP Balcony level

Live entertainment begins each evening Thursday Friday and Saturday starting at 8 p.m.

Upstairs Balcony

10-seat VIP Balcony Lounge
Includes admission, plus 10-seat VIP Lounge and table on Balcony level, table-side bartender, complementary decanter of beer or champagne and a top shelf menu

Single VIP

Access to the VIP balcony level, VIP balcony bar, VIP main floor areas, more personal service, more space, and use of the VIP bathroom. (Does not guarantee a seat or table)


Main Floor 4-seat table in VIP area

Includes admission, plus four-seat high-top table in roped-off downstairs VIP area and a table-side server/ bartender

Doors open at 7pm nightly
Plus, enjoy Live music each night from 8 PM to 11 PM prior to the late night dance party

VIP tables will be held until 11PM on the night of your reservation. At that point, they will be released for resale. All VIP purchases are NON REFUNDABLE

Lost and Found for LunaVerse Knoxville:

You can go to LunaVerse to pick up your lost items between Noon and 3pm Friday through Sunday and during regular business hours