Visit Bernadette’s and experience a magical place, constructed using 45,000 lbs. of crystals, where 94 million karats and endless art constantly surround you with positive energy. You’ll feel the transformative vibes everywhere you go throughout our four crystal-themed floors. From the oh-so-grounded ground level Amethyst Lounge (where a veritable museum of awesome amethyst soothes and relieves stress) to the second-floor Quartz Room (where otherworldly crystal vibrations may help you achieve more balance in your life), to the third level Rooftop Gemstone Gardens (where quartz cascades and electric trees light the twilight) to the fourth and final floor Citrine Mezzanine (which can restore energy and spark joy with views of the crystal gardens and Knoxville’s iconic Sunsphere). We have a vegetarian-based menu and custom Bernadette-concocted cocktails to rejuvenate and inspire. Escape your world of worries and visit a magical, peaceful place without ever leaving town.

Amethyst Bar

Quartz Lounge

Gemstone Rooftop Patio


5 pm to 1 am Monday ~ Thursday

5 pm to 3:00 am  ~ Friday

 12 pm  to 3:00 am ~ Saturday

12 pm  to 1 am ~ Sunday

 26 Market Square, Knoxville, TN 37902